Payment gateway

Ready-made online payment solutions for your users

  • Full integration with the bank or e-commerce system
  • Visa - MasterCard - Diners Club - Union Pay - Amex
  • Alternative online transfers - E-Wallets - Local payments
  • Complete personalisation and integration
  • Support of registration processes and merchant monitoring
  • Call Center - Fraud Monitoring - RODO
  • Payment gateway
  • Pay Wall

    RWD - API -SDK

    • Complete personalisation and branding of payment pages
    • Adjustment to mobile devices
    • Recurring payments - One Click - Tokenization
    • SDK for iOS and Android
    • Handling of many currencies and languages
    • Compliant with PCI-DSS
  • Pay Wall
  • SaaS

    Full package of payment solutions for banks and e-commerce. Settlement systems, e-commerce transactions processing, p2p payments, electronic wallets.

    • SaaS model eliminating the cost barrier
    • Integration with banking systems or an independent system
    • Possible outsourcing of all processes
    • Technical and sales support
    • Full personalisation
  • SaaS